Lochies Road, Burntisland, KY3 9JX

19 Oct

Taste Festival

November 18th 12-4pm

Entry is FREE!

Treat your tastebuds with some of the best food and drinks producers in Fife all under one roof!

Stall holders;

Arran Cheeses
Laura’s Cupcakes
Allan’s Chilli Jams
Macaron Heaven
Aye Candy sweet shop
Something different- Chilli oils/drops
Heavenly Goodies- Truffles etc
Beath Brewing
Red Squirrell Gingernut Liqueur
Lundin Gin
Lindores Abbey Whisky Liqueur
Rumburra Rum

Fun finale with a Chilli eating competition at 4pm!
Chilli Eating Competition Contest Rules;

All contestants agree to take part in the contest under the following rules:

1. The contest will be run across a series of rounds with participants able to withdraw at any stage either during a round or before the next one begins;
2. The chillie wings will go in the order of; 1.Naga Chilli with Ghost sauce, 2. Scorpion Chilli with God Slayer sauce, 3. Carolina Reaper Chilli with Regret sauce.
3. Each contestant will receive a single chilli marinated chicken wing in each round;

4. Contestants will be required to eat the entire meat off the bone.

5. The winner will be determined by being the last remaining contestant willing to continue in the contest;
6. Contestants may not coat the inside of their mouth with any kind of protective coating and anyone caught doing so will be immediately disqualified;
7. Full-fat cow’s milk will be available to all participants to consume for their comfort at any point of the contest, however the consumption of any liquid including the milk provided will result in automatic disqualification from the contest;
8. Any contestant that vomits during the competition will be disqualified. (Note: This is a family event so should this occur, please do so discretely!)
9. Each contestant recognises that excessive consumption of chillies can lead to and/or contribute towards health issues.
10. The judge’s decision is final.

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