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19 Jan

Healthy Eating Menu Delivered!

Okay so this all started off with chef and I bemoaning our mince pie and chipolata intake in December and wanting to eat healthy for January. We put it out there and we now have a large hardcore group of customers that have got involved and won’t let us stop it! The feedback has been immense…

This is not a diet as such (although most including us have lost a good few pounds), all we guarantee is that the food tastes amazing, is super healthy and great value!

On a Monday, Wednesday & Friday between 9am-12 you will get a package of food delivered to your doorstep, enough for at least lunch & evening meal. The feedback so far is that it is stretching to 6 days worth of food for most. All the food is ready to eat or has simple cooking instructions.

No obligation beyond one week at a time.  £45 per week meat inclusive menu, vegan or vegetarian £40.

Area’s covered… Burntisland, Kinghorn, Seafield, Aberdour, Dalgety Bay, Inverkeithing, Rosyth & Duloch Dunfermline

If you would like to give it a try or have any questions please phone 01592 872230 or email mail@burntislandsands.co.uk

Sample menu…


🔸Mushroom coconut and noodle soup

🔸Chicken breast with a sweet red pepper and smoked paprika glazeCauliflower cous-cous and roast veg side / Baked artichoke and broad bean salad / Persian rice and pine nut salad.

🔸Sun-dried tomato, haloumi, broccoli frittata New potato, olive and spinach salad / Golden beetroot, apple and walnut salad


🔸Thai Haddock en papillotte Rice salad / cucumber, chilli & thai salad

🔸Turkey and corn meatballs with a cumin and yogurt dressing Cucumber and poppy seed salad / Aubergine and cherry tomato fattoush / Green bean, mange tout, hazelnut and orange salad.


🔸Bircher muesliGrated apple, sultanas, poached fruit, and Greek yoghurt

🔸Chicken Tikka marinated in spices & yoghurt Sweet potato, pumpkin seed salad, and spring onion dressing / veg biryani / Lightly pickled onion, and tomato salad

🔸Poached salmon teriyaki Kale and barley salad / Noodle salad with tamari dressing / Watercress, and boiled egg salad

In addition to our healthy eating we are offering fruit & vegetables slow juiced freshly that morning and delivered to your doorstep!

Delivered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 9am – 12.

Served in 200ml glass bottles to be returned on next delivery.


Green Goddess

celery – cucumber – apple – pear


pineapple – kale – banana

Cucumber Cooler

melon – celery – cucumber – lemon

Ginger Zinger

apple – carrot –  ginger – lemon

Immune Booster

orange – Lemon – Apple – Ginger

Kale Kickstart

orange – strawberry – kale – carrot

All £3

Antioxidant Blast

beetroot – blueberry –  strawberry


Pineapple – kale – banana

All £4

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