Lochies Road, Burntisland, KY3 9JX

8 Jan

Burn’s Night 2020

       The Sands Burn’s Supper 2020   

     25th January 6.30/7pm, £25pp

 6.30 for 7pm piped arrival, 7.15 address tae the Haggis, 7.30 scran, 9-11pm fiddler & guitarist playing traditional Scottish music, drams til 12.30

Only the very best of Scottish produce makes it into our larder and chefs menu showcases some classic dishes with a twist to honour our famous bard!

Our Burn’s night will not have all the recitals of poetry, only our favourite- ‘Address tae the Haggis’ We want our guests to enjoy the food, music and above all company without having the full formalities.

Advanced booking with a £10pp deposit and a pre order is essential!

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A braw broth fae Scotlund wi’ oatcakes fir dookin.

Often claimed by ithers, tis the King of Soups ae Bonnie Scotland, ‘n’tek a keek ae that!?

It belongs oan oor bonnie banks

Local Haggis wi’ Bashed Neeps ‘n’ Chappit Tatties wi’ Watter o’ Life Sauce

Oor free-range Wild Haggis wis freshly caught this mornin’ up The Binn. There’s nuthin’ quite like it!

If yer o’ a vegetarian persuasion, we hae that as weel.

Should ye fancy this fir a main coorse, we’ll dae ye a bigger helpin’!

Steamin’ Scottish Mussels

In the best ae Belhave Best, Ayshire bacon and leek cream sauce

Serv’d wi’ soda bread


Roastit Lothian Chookie wi’ Haggis Stuffin’

Wi’ roastit tatties ‘n’ baby vegetables, watter o’ life gravy

Baked Whisky-Soused Fillet o’Salmon 

Baked in the kiln,

serv’d wi’ rumbledithumps an’ hot’n’sour goosgog compote
-a real wee nippy-sweetie

Seasonal Game Casserole

Wi’ Stornoway black pudding’n herb dumplins’, new tatties ‘n’ roastit vegetables.

A hearty dish tae warm yer cockles oan a cauld January nicht

Vegetarian Haggis, Mushroom ‘n’ Root Vegetable Wellington

Wi’ whisky cream sauce, roastit tatties



Bevvied Cranachan

Porridge oats, honey, raspberries, cream ‘n’ whisky!

Rubarb’n’Ginger Cobbler

Wi’ Mackie’s Traditional ice cream
(Like yer granny’s granny used tae mek!)

Selection ae Fine Cheeses

(All frae our fine shore tae!)


Coffee wi’ Tablit

Nae jist onae tablit, mah auntie’s secrit recipe frae alang th’road in Hillend



If yer a veggie we hae alternati’es fur every coorse


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