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4 Feb

Speciality Food Nights!

2020 is going to be such fun!

Our team of chefs are buzzing about producing their favourite dishes for you to enjoy!

Following on from the hugely popular flavours of Thailand in January our passionate and creative chefs are already planning their next taste sensation events…

February 7th – Seafood buffet £20pp… At the Sands we are renowned for our Chef’s fantastic seafood specials. Expect over 15 different perfectly cooked gems fresh from our shores and straight to your plates.

March 6th – Tapas buffet night £20pp… The Tapas buffet is now bi-monthly on the first Friday of the month. If you love Tapas then this is a dream night! One of the hardest things about Tapas is only being able to try a few. At the Sands Tapas night you can have it ALL!

March 13th – Flavours of Scotland from the Sands £30pp… All year round our chefs produce fantastic daily specials using only the best of Scottish produce from as near as Aberdour farms and Stenhouse loch. This menu will showcase a taste of some of the best of what Scotland has to offer with modern twist to excite your palate.

April 24th –  Flavours of Mexico £tbc… A fiesta food food, flavour and fun. Nice and spicy. Fun and feisty. A great experience to be had for all- just remember your sombrero…

May 1st – Seafood Buffet £20pp… Bi-monthly favourite!

May 22nd – Flavours of the Mediterranean £tbc… A culinary tour around the prime locations of the mediterranean coast!

June 5th – Tapas buffet night £20pp… Bi-monthly favourite!

June 26th – Best of world street food £tbc… Travel around the world’s best street foods from your table at the Sands! The chefs are already arguing about which of their favourites to serve up, so be prepared to be wowed by the true taste of the streets!

August 28th – Flavours of France £tbc… Take a stroll down the Champs Elysees with us and delve into the realms of the gastronomique! A gourmet French fine dining experience at it’s finest.

September 4th – Seafood Buffet £20pp… Bi-monthly favourite!

September 25th – Flavours of Morocco £tbc… Explore the wonderfully diverse and delicious world of Moroccan cuisine. The aromatic and spicy dishes will make you feel like you’ve been teleported to Marrakech! Just remember your sunscreen…!?

October 2nd – Tapas buffet night £20pp… Bi-monthly favourite!


Watch this space, plenty more to follow…

Advanced booking with a £10pp deposit required for all our specialty nights!

*tbc- to be confirmed. Like us on facebook and watch this space for all the finalised menu’s and prices being announced.

Book now via our website email or phone 01592 872230




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